Boros Di Aralom: Ogos 2010

Sabtu, 21 Ogos 2010

Thousands of students across Malaysia are now trading stocks!

In the first 2 days of the OSK Investment Challenge, thousands of students were actively trading!

Are you from a Malaysian campus? Quickly, join them!

Pick up the valuable skill of investing, without the risk of losing money... but win real CASH and weekly prizes worth up to RM170,000! Only takes a few minutes a day to play and win.

Which of your friends are ahead? Which campuses rank the highest right now? Will you know how to trade your money?

Join your fellow students and find out...


Rabu, 18 Ogos 2010

The New Adidas

Adidas Fluid Trainer is designed for both running or a walk in the town. Have you seen it? Tried it? Which of the 5 colours do you like?

well, well, well...this newest campaign from talk about the new awsum Adidas brand called Fluid Trainer..if u are Adidas fans then this is your chance to re-update your Adidas style..I didn't see it yet but i would like to wear it..huhu..too bad for me because Adidas brand is not my most favorite sport brand..but, please believe me, the Fluid Trainer is something that u gonna like...

for more details, simply click HERE

Ahad, 15 Ogos 2010

Try This: The OSK Invesment Challenge

Do you know how to use money to make money?
Know anything about investing in stocks?

Malaysian youths never had the chance to learn this. Ever. Until now.

Colleges and universities across the country have partnered with OSK Investment Bank to give our students a fun way to experience and learn the valuable skill of investing, without the risk of losing money.

Through this online competition: You will experience trading in the REAL Malaysian stock market to build your wealth. How much money can you make? Cash and weekly prizes worth up to RM170,000 await those who try.

Promote this to ALL your friends. Learn together, win some cash. And change your financial future forever.


Jumaat, 13 Ogos 2010

I want to be passionate

Today's seminar is giving a huge impact in my life especially in my field, counseling. Big thanks to Prof. Dr Jean Ferish, a professional counselor from USA, and to Prof. Dr See, a senior lecturer from Penang. Their talks were very inspiring and helping me to realize and to get insight on my own self to restructure, refill, and find my way back on track to be a counselor..effective counselor. I knew that i am not perfect and have a lot of weaknesses. even from the beginning that i felt this field is not suitable for me. Before i apply for UPU last 2 years, i never have an idea on what field that i gonna choose. I just pray for God to give the best for me. And the result was this "Congratulations, u are offered to further your study in HA19 (Counseling Psychology) at UMS" first impression was..'what????'..all i know about counseling before was this field is a helping profession and a counselor is someone who are very good, perfect personality, expert, and a person with less problems in life...that's all r against my real self..OMG..Then somehow i realize many new things throughout my journey as a counseling student. i realize that i am healing myself overtime..the best things that i get from these amazing people (Dr.Jane&Dr.See, n my lectures) are "nobody is perfect, we are not God, everybody can be a counselor but not everyone can be a qualified counselor, slow down in order to speed up"..that's it..the only thing that i really want to build about myself is to have a passion in counseling. if only there is a way to plant seed for 'passion' or tools to build it, i will try my best to get it in any cost...amazingly, we can get it all FOC if we have a high desire to change ourselves...I Want To Be Passionate