'Deadliest Catch' star Justin Tennison was found dead in a Homer, Alaska hotel room on Tuesday,TMZ reports. The fisherman on the Time Bandit boat was 33 years old.

"Discovery Channel is saddened by the passing of Time Bandit crew member Justin Tennison," the 'Deadliest Catch' network wrote in a statement. "We send our sympathies to his entire family and fellow crew members during this most difficult time."

TMZ says a search of the hotel room, registered to Tennison, turned up "a small amount of marijuana, as well as several bottles of alcohol in the refrigerator. Cops tell us they believe there had been a party in the room the night before."

Justin Tennison's death comes just a year after 'Deadliest Catch' star Capt. Phil Harris's passing in February 2010 after a stroke.