Boros Di Aralom: April 2010

Sabtu, 24 April 2010

Tough Exams

We just finish our 1st week exam yesterday. We're going through 2 tough paper and as expected I did a lot of "goreng2" answer. Well..just to make myself feel happy and relief. It's better than nothing especially that "Isues in IO's Psychology"..IO stand for Industrial and Organization paper. I'd be happy enough if I got B or B+ for it..what a damn shit difficult paper. Anyway, 2 paper r gone. There r still another 5 paper awaiting for my another "goreng2" answer. I just can't give 100% concerntration and I don't know why I feel soo relax and soo unaware of it. Maybe I just don't enjoy it..REALLY!!

Sabtu, 17 April 2010

"Four Hands, Four Legs, from One Person"

Today we have a rehaesel at SIB Pekan Tamparuli church. I was given a task to play Bass guitar. This is for the upcoming Konferensi Wanita SIB Sabah or in English "SIB Sabah Women Conference" event which is held anually. All people in this Praise n Worship team must be a women. Actually today was our 1st rehaesal and as expected, not everyone coming. And the bad thing is, one of our musician can't make it there because she was abroad. So, there only 3 of us as asinged to back up music (lead guitar, keyboard, bass,) without drum player for the singers. Music band is soo important in prise n worship team n our team today have not enough musician. So i already expected that without a complete team, the P&W will not going well or don't have the chemistry. before we start, we tried to ask the rest whether got any of them who can play drum. But none. Most of them are women aged above 30 to 40 years old. I actually have some little talent in playing some sort of music. At our church, i've play all those four instruments. So i decided to play drum n bass in rotation. That kinda weird but i hve to try otherwise the singers will get stuck or maybe they were stuck becos of me. I used four hands and four legs at that rehaesal. I pray to God that He will bless more women to have a talent in music in the future and me myself need to improve a lot for the sake of God Almighty and for the people who are hunger for the touch of GOD. Amen.

Jumaat, 16 April 2010

Something Weird

I discover something weird today. Maybe this is something usual for somebody else but this is the 1st time i saw it. I go back to my sister's house yesterday and today i helped my elder sister to look after her 3 years old daughter. This afternoon, i've scaned some old pictures into my laptop. I then accompany my niece to look at those picture and suddenly she cried. She cry, cry, cry, n cry..i wonder why she is crying. I just looked then i noticed that she'll start to cry when she sees her mother's pictures. Everytime when she sees a picture which have her mother in it, she start to cry louder n louder. she'll never stop. OMG!!! But eventualy, she stop at last when her mother came back from work. And just now, when her father ask her to see some picture again, she cried again..I'm confuse what make her act like that. This is something i'd want to know more..

Sabtu, 10 April 2010

Final Exam is around the corner

Time is ticking and my feeling of tense is going higher n higher second by second. I just feel that 14 weeks of lectures are not enough. Seems like i didn't learn a single thing except for the subject called 'Datas Analysis' as well as 'Experimental Psychology'. And the rest make my life miserable..huh. But anyway, i still got less than 2 weeks to revise all the lectures. I'm trying to built my intrinsic motivation by now. Hopefully i can give the best answer for every question then. For all my fellar, gud luck for the Final Exam..Remember!!! PTPTN converted to Full Sholars if got 1st Class Honor.. it's possible..

Khamis, 8 April 2010

To continue or to stop??

This is a delemma that everyone have been gone through in their life. at this moment, i feel that something are going to happend in which i need to make a wise decision. What is it huh? i think i suppose to do it long time ago. i should've refuse to accept 'that' particular 'appointment'..but why i was soo stupid and soo naive?? i don't know. Maybe it was becouse i'm clueless, unaware, no experiences at all, undone, speechless and so on. It's all remain untold till now. I've been in a group of organization but i don't want to mention what is the name of that organization. I'm one of the committie members. But what i'm afraid now is that i don't have the commitment at all to get my jobs done there. I don't have the vision for this organization. I just don't want to a spoiled member for this organization. What should i do?? maybe i just have to write a resignation form and be free again. But if i do that i'll fell guilty and i don't want to be a bad example for the rest of the members. I'm in a dilemma now, to continue or to stop..