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Ahad, 12 Februari 2017

Kung Fu Yoga star, Aarif Rahman is Malaysian..but not practicing Muslim

Written by: Annonymous

Few days ago, my colleague told me that Jackie Chan’s latest movie titled ‘Kung Fu Yoga’ was very interesting and funny to watch. My colleague is not someone who talk a lot about movie and she’s I guess, very rare to go to watch movie in the cinema. And when she said this positive thing about Kung Fu Yoga, so I decided to go and watch it myself yesterday. Well guys…I have to agree with my colleague. It was fun, full of actions just like Jackie Chan’s other action movies and lots of cool cars. And yes, He dance like Hindustan which is I think a bit weird but funny. If you are into comedy movie and want to release tension, I highly recommend Kung Fu Yoga.

Enough of that introduction. Actually I just want to share one thing that caught up my mind in this Kung Fu Yoga. It’s the co-star named Jones (real name is Aarif Rahman) that really caught my attention. Who the hell is this handsome man. Yes I admit, I don’t know this guy’s name at first and I don’t really read who’s playing who’s in any movie I watch.  Accept the main star. Just like when you said who’s playing Mission Impossible? I only can say, Tom Cruise.

Jones in Kung Fu Yoga

Aarif Rahman..when you read it at first time, many will thought the name comes from someone in Malaysia, Indonesia or India (Indian Muslim). But actually, it is the name of someone who born and raised in Hong Kong. I know that there are many people in chinese majority country which practicing Islam religion but most do not use their Islam name and choose to use their family name instead. Then why Aarif Rahman use that name? By the way, its a cool name anyway.
Jones in Kung Fu Yoga. (images courtesy of mr google)
He is also known as Aarif Lee as his stage name but in most appearances, he will use Aarif Rahman. He is actually born in a multi races family. His Father is mix Malaysia-Arab-Chinese and hold Malaysian citizenship. His mother is pure Hong Kong chinese. Eventhough he has a Muslim name, but it is believed that he is not practicing it and his true religion is still unclear. And I bet he don't speak a single Malay language too. He only speak 4 languages – English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Germany.

He can sing, act, and dance at the same time. And don’t forget, he got degree in Physics. Wow! Near perfect man. Beauty with the brain.  OK..lets enjoy his hot pictures which I got from Drama Fever. Visit the site for more pictures if u want.

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